Upon the Liquid Veil

I have come to perceive the mystery – I, in my world, feet planted upon the foundations of Earth, Waiting for you, who float amid the blackness, Like a sentinel before the gates of heaven. We puncture a hole in the firmament of time and space, And dance upon the liquid veil – A line …

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Meditations on Fishing

I will get to the game momentarily. But first, a little backstory. I grew up on the banks of a river -- the Row river (pronounced like “ow”) in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It’s a somewhat lesser-known river in the Willamette valley, but well-known to me and my family. This river left an indelible impression on …

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Reel Me In!

A fishing board game? Why not? If I asked you whether a real-estate board game would be a good idea, what would you say? “You’re crazy, Phil. Only real-estate agents would wanna play that.” All right then, tell that to the creators of Monopoly, one of the most well-known board-games on the market. If I …

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