Movin’ Upstream

I am proud to announce that our artist, Shelly Dax, has been selected as one of five local artists to paint an art installment on the sidewalks of Springfield, Oregon, as part of the city's Upstream Art Project, an effort to raise awareness about storm-drain pollution and habitat protection. Congratulations Shelly!! She'll be awarded $1000 …

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Mining the Media Landscape

In this high-tech new media landscape, it’s more difficult than ever to get attention. We’ve reached a saturation point, you could say, where once-spectacular content passes like morning dew amongst our news-feed. Hiking Mount Everest? Meh. Sailing off the Florida Keys? Seen it. To garner engagement one must generate something truly unusual, unique, or even …

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Parading About

Well, it's official: we entered our first parade to promote Reel Me In! The decision was somewhat last minute, but we eventually agreed that it would behoove us to extend our presence more into the real world, to supplement the online community we're building. Don't get me wrong, our various social media platforms are a …

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