Parading About

Well, it’s official: we entered our first parade to promote Reel Me In!

The decision was somewhat last minute, but we eventually agreed that it would behoove us to extend our presence more into the real world, to supplement the online community we’re building. Don’t get me wrong, our various social media platforms are a hoot, but what could be better than cruising down main-street in a boat-float.


What’s a boat-float, you might ask? Well, it’s just that, a parade “float” fashioned around a real boat. What could be more tongue-in-cheek than to fictionally float our float through a local parade? And that is just what we did on the 4th of July, in the charming town of Creswell, Oregon.

If the hope was to gauge the idea of a family fishing board game on multiple age groups, then the event was a huge success.

We had banners and flyers printed up; fish decals; a blue shimmering water-like fringe on the boat; a fish-themed music playlist á la the boat battery; and even my brother, Joe, pretending to float along in an inner-tube that was pulled by a rope attached to the aft and situated on a dolly so it would roll.

Inner-tube in Reel Me In!

Although it was a sweltering 80-something degrees in direct sun, we acted out our little skit each time the parade stopped and family-members passed out flyers. Luckily, at one point we passed through what I’ll just call Water-Balloon alley, where we were hammered by a barrage of refreshing water-balloons and Super-Soakers.

The question now is, was it worth the trouble? Only time will tell. We passed out over a thousand flyers and acted our butts off on a day that we could have just been BBQing or playing at the river. The hope was to increase our email-subscriber list, which notifies people when our Kickstarter campaign is launched. Anyone privy to Kickstarter will tell you that having an email subscriber list before launching is the best way to ensure success.

What I noticed was that the response to our float was very positive, but I’m not sure how many people will actually follow through on signing up through the flyer.

We are planning to also be in the Bohemia Mining Days parade in Cottage Grove in a few weeks. Here, if we have an actual booth, then people who enjoyed the float and are interested can come visit us afterward and sign up on paper (you know, like in the good ole days).

That is all for now. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and check back for my entry on the Kickstarter video shoot we worked on. It’s a doozie, in more ways than one.

Until then, “Play, laugh and be merry!”



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