Mining the Media Landscape

In this high-tech new media landscape, it’s more difficult than ever to get attention. We’ve reached a saturation point, you could say, where once-spectacular content passes like morning dew amongst our news-feed. Hiking Mount Everest? Meh. Sailing off the Florida Keys? Seen it. To garner engagement one must generate something truly unusual, unique, or even absurd. This, of course, is one of the main challenges of our new game company, and any creative ventures nowadays.

But, nonetheless, we press on. Such was the case with the second parade we attended this past weekend: the Bohemia Mining Days parade, located in idyllic Cottage Grove (my old stomping grounds). Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

“All hands on deck!”

Bohemia Mining days has absolutely NOTHING to do with games, fishing, or games about fishing for that matter. In fact, the festival is a commemoration of the 20th century mining boom that, along with timber, put this little city on the map.

Why not bobble our strange boat-float through a 2-time All-American city celebrating its mining roots? I mean, what do curly fries have to do with mining? How do classic cars and pie-eating contests hearken back to prospecting days? The truth is, the festival has evolved over time to celebrate more than just mining. It’s about local traditions, community, music, food, and all-around good fun.20205776_10154500965402105_47609212_o

Well, wouldn’t you know it? We won 1st place in the Mayor’s choice category!

I think we were successful in that we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. It seemed the sillier we acted (and we did act), the better the response.

We passed out flyers and candy and even gave out a cash prize. Congratulations to Covita Hughes, who was chosen randomly as our winner. Way to go! We will also be giving away more prizes in the future, such as games and invitations to play-testing events. So keep an eye out.

The B.M.D parade was less than half the length of the Creswell parade, but so far, it’s generated much more engagement from the community. I’m not sure exactly why that is. Perhaps it was due to our increase on the goofiness index. Or, maybe we injected just the right quantity of flare into our acting that day. Either way, I’m glad we did it, if nothing better than to have brought the idea of a fishing game out into the local community once again.

Speaking of events. Next week I’ll be writing about an exciting event we’ll be attending mid-August in Springfield, Oregon, that also deals with protecting our waterways.

Until then, “Play, laugh and be merry!”




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